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Beyond Body

Holistic Wellness


Creating Space for Heailng


Hello! Sarah here, owner of Beyond Body Holistic Wellness Centre.


Waves of change are upon us and I have decided that the time has come for me to close the wellness centre in Regina.

Beyond Body Holistic Wellness Centre opened in its first location in 2013. It has been ten heart-filling, soul-connecting, life-lesson-learning years. I am forever grateful to the people who were brought together in the three locations we have seen. I have made lifelong friends and soulmate connections. We have worked and played well. We have served one another in ways most meaningful and needed in these times. Thank you all for showing up. 

Moving with the changes that I see happening in this country and in our province/city/rural community, I am needed in my home. I am being called to mother myself, homeschool my children, make medicine, sit with the bees, and grow healing food.

While October, 2023 saw me retire from managing a wellness centre & staff, I remain available for healing work within a community of dear friends & colleagues who have generously opened their doors to me. You are welcome to see me at Sacred Compass Journey, or request a home visit. My booking process remains the same and I look forward to seeing you! 


With so much love,
Sarah ♥

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