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Intuitive Guidance/Medical Intuition

Have you ever wondered about the symbolic meaning behind those little "signs" in life? Perhaps you have objects, number sequences, recurring dreams, or synchronistic events showing up in your life. Perhaps you feel you are missing something; just not getting why you are experiencing certain circumstances in your life or what the circumstances or conflicts you are encountering may have to tell you about where you are headed.

Whether you believe it to be your higher self, universe, nature, Creator, God, spirits, angels, guides, one mind, or the like, many of us recognize (and many do not) that we are constantly provided with a wealth of information that is there for us to interpret so that we may navigate life on the path of our divine purpose. Many believe that our lives are divinely orchestrated by a force that is far greater than our human selves but of which we are an integral part. For those who recognize that there are really no mistakes, and only lessons, synchronicity and coincidence (in the true meaning of the word, which is to coincide), this is not "woo woo". This is simply how the human heart-mind works in connection to All That Is. We all have an inner knowing or innate wisdom that is there for us to use - not to ignore. Yet, it can be difficult to be objective enough to bypass the ego and allow this information to come into our awareness, unfiltered, and then to trust it.

Using intuition and several types of divination tools (cards, runes, gemstones, MindScape, Linking Awareness, and mediumship) in combination with knowledge of symbolism and universal laws and influences, Sarah is an intuitive who can help you to shed light on areas of your life that you are unable to understand or interpret on your own, and help you to awaken your own intuition to its highest potential. These sessions provide a feel-good experience and come from a place of pure love and light. Information received is never ominous and is intended to bring healing and peace - always.

Per Session Pricing: $185

Sessions are typically 60-75 minutes in length.

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