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Foot Reflexology

with Michelle Smith, RCRT

Reflexology is a natural healing practice which has existed since ancient times. It is one of the safest and least invasive holistic therapies available. Reflexology involves the application of pressure to reflex points which map to specific parts, organs, and glands of the body. Reflexology therapy can help relieve tension, improve circulation, and support the body in functioning more efficiently. Research shows that reflexology activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This system shifts us from the “fight or flight” state to the “rest and digest” state which facilitates healing and the maintenance of good health.

Traditionally, reflexology is known to assist in releasing physical and energetic blockages. There are over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet. From our head to our toes, our entire body is connected. As nerves are activated and blockages are removed, detoxing or a healing crisis may occur. Most often though, clients feel calmer, lighter, and more grounded after a treatment. Many clients say reflexology helps alleviate their sleep issues, lowers their anxiety, and improves their general health and mood.

Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapists (RCRT) are trained to follow the same treatment protocol in each session. However, at the end of the regular routine extra time may be spent working on particular reflexes if a client is dealing with an acute or chronic issue.

Reflexology is an evolving practice. The traditional modalities are foot, hand, and ear reflexology. Specialized training, for example: Maternity, Fertility, Facial, and Craniosacral Reflexology (plus more), is now available that can help therapists add to their holistic toolbox.

Many insurance companies in Canada cover reflexology. Clients can check the details of their health benefit plan to determine if reflexology is reimbursable. Clients may be able to put the claim through a Wellness or Health Spending account.

Michelle Smith (RCRT) is welcoming new clients. Please see the Team page for her bio or visit her website for more information.

Click the booking button above to book a Reflexology session with Michelle and/or to find out information about appointment options and prices.

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