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What Our Clients Are Saying...

Will definitely return!

I immediately felt comfortable & relaxed. Was easy to book in. Had serious pain & inflammation in joints plus allergies & stomach problems and was looking at pharmaceuticals. Didn't have to touch them. Problems resolved in a matter of weeks. 10/10 and will be back if ever dealing with another health concern.

L.K. of Regina

It certainly met my expectations. The discoveries and the sharing with everyone exceeded my expectations as I wasn't sure about a group session and I felt extremely comfortable with the group! I think the sharing with the other members of the group were helpful and the realization that we all have many of the same issues to deal with. I was also impressed how [another participant] who came in not sure if she believed the whole concept went through a very emotional but very powerful transformation. I have become more aware of my body and how I want to treat it. I really enjoyed these sessions and found them to be very helpful. I have lots of work to do to continue on this journey, but I feel that I am getting a clearer sense of direction.

- Participant of The Weight is Over group series

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