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Space & Energy Clearings

Just as we recognize that part of staying well is keeping our physical bodies clean inside and out, as well as keeping a clear mental/emotional state, the same can be said for our homes and other environments. Not only can physical clutter build up in our spaces, unseen energetic clutter can build up as well. In fact, stagnant and chaotic energies love to hide in cluttered spaces! These energies can hold us back in our lives as well as affect our moods, energy levels, activities, relationships, and just deplete the overall ambiance of a space.

In the same way that it is so effective to address our health in a holistic manner, a space and energy clearing is a wonderful way to holistically clean our homes and other environments. Whether you have just moved into a new home and are wanting to fully claim the space as your own for the freshest-possible start, or you have sensed an undesirable energy that you would like to have removed, this service is available to effectively address the energetic needs of any space.

Space & energy clearings are very useful on their own or in combination with a thorough physical cleaning or remodelling (i.e. spring cleaning, renovations, additions, new buildings, etc.). They may even be performed prior to the physical change of a space to prepare it and to provide motivation and inspiration in creating a space that truly serves its occupants. Energy clearings can help us to release old habits and behaviours in order to adopt new, healthier attitudes and patterns; support positive lifestyle changes, which improve our wellness; and let go of that which is no longer needed in our lives, whether that may be a stack of old magazines or an emotionally-charged memory.

This service makes an excellent housewarming gift (beneficial for both newly-built and previously-owned homes), as well as for those who are welcoming a new family member into their space. Some real estate agents swear by Space & Energy Clearings to prepare properties for sale and attract the right buyer!

In Person Pricing: $100 + mileage, if applicable

Remote Clearing Pricing: $85 (includes recording or emailed summary of session)

Please contact Sarah directly for bookings.

Email:  Phone: 306-550-2807

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