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Medical Cannabis Consulting

with Sarah Atcheson

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Certified Medical Cannabis Professional

From the history of cannabis use to ​modern day applications & studies, understanding your rights to access & navigating government regulations, we provide compassionate, non-judgmental care through education-based cannabis consulting.

Can you relate?...

"I have tried cannabis before but had a bad experience. How would using cannabis medicinally be any different?"

"I have heard that cannabis can help with my condition but I don't like the thought of getting 'high' on it."

"There are so many strains, it's overwhelming. I wouldn't know which one to choose for my needs."

"I don't want people to think I'm just using my condition as an excuse to get high."

"I'm already on medications so I'm concerned about negative interactions."

"I've heard that marijuana is a gateway drug and can be addictive. What if I end up dependent on it?"

"As a parent, I'm concerned about how cannabis use may negatively influence my children."

"I asked my doctor about cannabis and they refused to give me a prescription."

Initial Consultation (75 minutes): $130.00

Follow-Up Consultation (15-30 minutes): $60.00

(in-person or via phone/online videocall)

'Grow Your Own'

Cannabis Consulting & Supplies

Lawrence Kessler offers personalized consulting, custom living soil, and equipment to fit your needs, space, and budget for recreational or ACMPR grows. Most importantly, he can help you to curb the stress, simplify, and just enjoy growing!

Initial Consultation: $110.00

(90 minutes of on-site consulting to educate & optimize organic growing, site planning, and grow schedule with free quotes on equipment.)


Phone/Text: 306-530-7420

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