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The Healing Art of Spiritual Discernment


a 6-Week Immersion with Sarah Atcheson,

Intuitive Guide, Spirit Medium & Healer

...Coming Soon!

Reiki Attunements & Workshops

with Sarah Atcheson, Reiki Master & Teacher

First Degree

Private Classes Available for Individuals & Groups

Next Public Class: TBD

Second Degree

Private Classes Available for Individuals & Groups

Next Public Class: TBD

Reiki is a spiritual/energy-based healing art that is used to reduce stress and encourage relaxation, in order to promote the receiver's innate ability to heal. Reiki is a word rooted in the Japanese "Rei," meaning "Spiritual Wisdom" or "Higher Power" and "Ki," which (like Qi) means "life-force energy." So Reiki means "spiritually-guided life force energy."


Reiki is administered by the laying of hands over various energy centres of the body, offering the receiver the life-force energy that may be depleted and which is needed to conduct inner healing on all levels of being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). Reiki can be used on people of all ages and wellness circumstances, as well as on one's self, animals, plants, and other life forms.


As beneficial as Reiki is to share with others, it is also an extremely powerful self-healing practice. Students/practitioners of Reiki often experience a profound shift in awareness following each attunement, including an increased level of intuition, and an improved ability to


These workshops include:

- 1st/2nd degree Reiki attunement;

- In-person instruction and hands-on practice;

- Reiki I/II manual;

- Ongoing support of Reiki Master/Instructor (Sarah Atcheson);

- One follow-up Reiki share per class that students may opt to attend for additional support, practice, and to give/receive healing;

- Snacks and beverages throughout the day;

- Certificate of completion.


Cost of participation

Reiki I: $200 + tax

Reiki II: $280 + tax

Or, register & prepay for both classes and save $40.


A $100 non-refundable deposit per class is required to reserve a spot.

The remaining balance will be due at the beginning of the workshop; receipts will be issued the same day.


To register for public Reiki classes or to schedule a private group or one-on-one class, please call Sarah at 306-550-2807 or email



How-To-Brew Workshop

with Sarah Atcheson, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Learn how to make this popular health beverage - Jun, The "Champaigne of Kombuchas" in your own home!


Jun is a fermented, probiotic, naturally effervescent beverage made with green tea & raw honey (kombucha is made with black tea & cane sugar).


Sarah Atcheson is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and jun brewing queen, eager to help you brew, too, and use jun daily to improve your digestive health & general wellbeing. ❤

Next Public Class: TBA

This 1.5 hour workshop will include a take-home countertop brewing kit with everything you need to get started and enough ingredients to brew 8 LITRES of jun with organic and local ingredients!

The retail value alone of 8 litres of jun or kombucha is approximately $75 - $100 or  more, depending on the brand, retailer, and quantity purchased. With this set-up, you'll be able to create a revolving supply of jun yourself for approximately $1 - 2 per litre!

Follow-up support is included in your workshop fees and your starter culture/SCOBY is guaranteed for one month after the workshop!

Cost of participation: $85 per workstation

To enrol in the next public class or to host a private class, contact Sarah by email at or call/text 306-550-2807

Looking for a Better Way to

Get Out of Your Own Way?

Join Us for Group Tap Tuesdays!

(Start Date TBA)

If you're feeling stuck or daunted by your goals or even figuring out what it is that you want in order to set goals, this program is for you!

This 6-week self-exploration program, facilitated by Sarah Atcheson, is designed to assist you in addressing the personal obstacles that separate you from achieving your goals. A goal may be something you want to purchase or acquire, improvements you would like to see in your career or in your relationships with others, or it may simply be a way of being or feeling (healthy, fit, secure, loved, patient, free, abundant, etc.).

Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique; a.k.a. "Tapping") in a safe group setting, we are going to address what's really in the way of fulfilling ourselves and achieving our goals.

Each two-hour class will begin Tuesday evenings at 6 p.m. Cost of enrolment is $220 + GST; with an earlybird rate of $200 + GST for those registered and paid by the earybird deadline.

If interested, please contact Sarah at 306-550-2807 or

Group Healing Sessions

General & Focus Sessions

Dates TBA

(Private Bookings Also Available)

When was the last time you tried something new?

Are you curious about holistic/integrative healing?

What is the next step you will take in life in order to experience and express your greatness?

All of us have at least two things in common:

We are all seeking healing and we all have the capacity to be healers.

Whether or not we realize it, we are all doing the best we can at all times to find healing for ourselves. In the process, we are also helping others around ​us to heal themselves, whether that is throug​h serving as an ally or a challenger.

At all times, we are both teacher and student; healing and healer.

We are social beings and as much as healing is an inside job for each of us, we often require supportive observation of our healing in order for it to take place. We all naturally find healing in a safe, loving environment where we are met with compassion by others. It is here that we are safe to explore our vulnerabilities, be reminded of our courage, and find those inner and outer resources that enable us to shift our awareness and ignite our healing potential.

Whether you wish to improve your physical, mental/emotional, or spiritual wellness, your relationships, career, financial situation, or another aspect of your life, a shift in perspective may be all that you need. Let us find that new perspective together!

Within you is an innate intelligence that knows exactly which aspects of your life could use attention, healing, clearing, permission, forgiveness, or simply observation. If you feel a nee​d for change, a group healing circle can provide clarity, motivation, inspiration, direction, and so much more.

Join Sarah Atcheson, owner of Beyond Body Holistic Wellness Centre for a one-of-a-kind group healing session. Using a unique combination of several consciousness-based, holistic, and metaphysical healing modalities including BodyTalk, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki, Mediumship, Soul Transmigration Recovery, MindScape, Linking Awareness, and Holistic Nutrition, Sarah is able to accurately interpret your unique needs on an objective, priority basis.

You will be provided with the energetic recipe that is needed in order to shift your awareness, support your own healing, promote positive change, and assist you in living life more fully! This will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about these modalities, all of which can also be experienced one-on-one.

This session is limited to just 10 participants.

Cost to attend: $45

First 3 to register: $40

To register, please contact Sarah at 306-550-2807 or

Registration deadline, including advance payment: TBA

Start a Household Vermicomposter (yep...WORMS!) with Sarah Atcheson

(Date TBA)

This workshop will include:

- a vermicomposting starter kit, complete with container, tools, organic matter, and 1 lb. of Red Wriggler Worms, eggs, and castings

- 1.5 hours of instruction, assembly, and worm care Q&A

- follow-up support for your post-workshop questions

Registration details: $75 per workstation (1 adult per workstation or +$10 per additional adult; kids are free when accompanied by an adult; max 4 people per workstation.)

To register, please contact Sarah at or 306-550-2807.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration, including advance payment of fees is required in order to secure your enrolment.

Registration deadline: TBA

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