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Holistic Nutrition Consulting

with Sarah Atcheson

Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Holistic or Natural Nutrition is an area of complementary/integrative care which works with the whole person to balance the synergistic levels of nutrients within the body, promote homeostasis, and improve overall wellness.

A Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) educates their clients in achieving optimal nutrition and wellness through a natural, qualitative approach to the diet and lifestyle with special consideration to the oneness of mind, body, and spirit.

For many people in our society, nutrition has become stressful. We are all under many societal influences and though we have much room for improvement, many of us may not know where to begin, or may not be aware of which of our habits or belief systems around food are unhealthy. With the amount of nutritional information we have coming our way through various streams, sifting through it can also pose quite a challenge. RHNs can provide professional & unbiased guidance to those who are interested in trusting the nutritional intentions of nature. Services with a Registered Holistic Nutritionist are also covered under many extended healthcare plans.

Sarah Atcheson, RHN is currently welcoming new clients of all ages. A thorough assessment of individual constitution, health history, nutritional symptomatology, and wellness goals provides the basis for a holistically applied nutritional regimen. Consulting is available at the clinic or, if preferred, in your own home (additional mileage fee applicable). Phone and email follow-up support/mini-consults are also available, as well as free borrowing access to a growing collection of holistic health literature.

Sarah's experience includes:

Pediatric nutrition (incl. solid food introduction, hypoallergenic diets, picky eaters, supertasters)

Weight management

Allergies & intolerances


Depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder

Nutrition for family planning/fertility

Pre & postnatal nutrition, breastfeeding support

Shopping assistance

Wholesome cooking classes

Appointment Duration & Pricing:

90-minute initial consult (in-person only): $130

60-minute follow-up (in-person or by phone/email): $90

45-minute follow-up (in-person or by phone/email): $75

30-minute follow-up (in-person or by phone/email): $55

15-minute follow-up (email/phone only): $30

Nutritional Consulting Value Packages


- in-depth, 1.5 hour initial assessment (2.5 hours for couples)

- 3 follow-up, 30 minute sessions (45 minutes for couples)

- 3 email or phone mini-consults

- borrower's access to health literature collection

- hand-outs, healthy snacks, & product samples

Package Pricing:

Individual or Parent & Child: $365 (save $20)

Couple: $500 (save $35)

Family packages, and senior/student discounts available.

Store Tours/Shopping Assistance

For the conscious consumer, those in dietary transition, and anyone wishing to healthify their lifestyle through improving their purchasing habits, shopping assistance and tours are available at local grocery stores and specialty markets.

This service will take the pain out of deciphering food labels, choosing the best produce, making the best choices in personal care and household products, and much more.

Learn how you can drastically improve the quality of your purchases without breaking the bank. I love helping clients discover that the natural way is not always more expensive or difficult. In fact, healthier products often cost less, work better, and last longer!

Individual Pricing: $75 per hour

Group, senior, and student discounts available.

Group maximum: 5

Client Testimonials:

It certainly met my expectations. The discoveries and the sharing with everyone exceeded my expectations as I wasn't sure about a group session and I felt extremely comfortable with the group! I think the sharing with the other members of the group were helpful and the realization that we all have many of the same issues to deal with. I was also impressed how [another participant] who came in not sure if she believed the whole concept went through a very emotional but very powerful transformation. I have become more aware of my body and how I want to treat it. I really enjoyed these sessions and found them to be very helpful. I have lots of work to do to continue on this journey, but I feel that I am getting a clearer sense of direction.

- Participant of The Weight is Over group series

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