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Soul Transmigration Recovery

Using a form of non-hypnosis past life regression, these sessions explore the eighth-chakra factors that have been carried energetically (reincarnated) into this lifetime. Transmigration can occur in two ways, which may present themselves independently or in combination with one another: either the soul itself may be reused, or unresolved energies (i.e. memories, talents, traumas, etc.) may be recycled by attaching to a subsequent soul after being shed by another. In either case, receiving an interpretation of this process as it exists in your unique "soul blueprint" can provide profound insights into many aspects of life such as: mysterious emotional or physical wellness concerns (i.e. unexplained fears/phobias, recurring conflicts, constitutional weaknesses in the body), relationship and career issues, life purpose questions, and so on. With a broader awareness of what lies at the root of these concerns, benefits range from easier decision making and a clearer direction in life to deep and lasting healing made possible.

Per Session: $100

Sessions are typically 60 minutes in length.

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