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Private Wholesome Cooking Classes

(as listed below or customized)

Currently, there are no public events scheduled in this category. However, arrangements for private cooking classes may be made for groups and individuals. Please inquire for further details.

I am committed to accommodating those with food sensitivities. All of my classes are either gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian/vegan, or provide the option for each. I am also able to accommodate other food allergies and preferences. Please always state in advance if you have specific dietary requirements.

Fee schedule may be found below class list.

Healthy food preparation does not have to be difficult or overly time-consuming. Based on individual schedules, requirements, and tastes - from the adventurous to the particular - my objective is to ease the transition toward healthier eating in the home. I assist clients in cultivating more involved, conscious food preparation and consumption habits. Seeking out healthy alternatives to less-than-desirable ingredients and creating food experiences that are enjoyable while adhering to dietary restrictions (i.e. food sensitivities, allergies) are some of the highlights of an individualized cooking class.

Choose your own class theme/content, or select from the list below:

Make Your Own Energy Bars

These energy bars are truly health-nut worthy! Using quality ingredients, and a very adaptable process, participants are able to make their own custom batch of energy bars. Selections are made from a rainbow of wholesome ingredients, creating an energy bar that is full of protein and healthy fats, and packed with antioxidant and energy rich superfoods.

These bars are gluten-free, dairy-free, whole-grain, and contain absolutely no refined sugars, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, or other unhealthy additives or fillers. This is a great class (and bar) for kids! For this class, participants are required to provide a medium-sized mixing bowl, and loaf pan (approximately 8 x 4 inches).

Healthy Lunches to Go

In order to help our children cultivate positive eating habits, it is very important to consistently provide them with the healthiest options possible whether at home, or on the go. Our brains require proper nourishment for optimal functioning, and junking out at lunch time is simply not conducive to the primary reason your child is at school - to learn. Likewise, many adults find themselves in an energy rut at work shortly after eating lunch - even a seemingly healthy or homemade lunch. This class will expose many of the culprits found in convenient meals commonly consumed by busy bag-lunchers, and will offer suggestions for quick, easy, and most impressively, great tasting, fun lunches for kids and adults alike! This is an excellent class for children's participation since the most effective way to encourage children to make healthy food choices is to improve their education about health and nutrition. Participants will have the opportunity to sample several products and lunch components and will receive hand-outs with recipes and product selection tips. Substitutions to accommodate food allergies, vegetarian, vegan, or other dietary requirements will be made available on advance notice. All supplies provided for this class.

Healthy Dinners

Short on ideas for healthy dinners? Short on time? This class will offer some helpful, healthful instructions for those wishing to improve their eating habits as well as make meal planning and preparation simple, and less time-consuming. Participants will sample a collection of mouthwatering dinners, and will receive recipes for each.

Participants will also have the opportunity to bring forth their own favourite dinner recipes and receive substitution ideas for improving nutritional value, or for following food-sensitivity/elimination diets. Substitutions to accommodate food allergies, vegetarian, vegan, or other dietary requirements will be made available on advance notice. All supplies provided for this class.

Sauces, Dressings, Dips, & Spreads

This class will help you rethink your use of condiments. Are they simply to add flavour, or could they also serve as a vehicle for adding even more nutritional value to your foods? This will be a great class for the ketchup-on-everything member of your family, children, and adults alike. Participants will have the opportunity to try several samples, and will take home recipes useful in everything from sandwiches and salads to pastas and marinades. Substitutions to accommodate food allergies, vegetarian, vegan, or other dietary requirements will be made available on advance notice. All supplies provided for this class.

Healthy Sushi

Participants will learn how to make a much healthier version of this trendy dish using wholesome, vegetarian, gluten-free, organic, all-natural, and low-sodium ingredients. Several rolling techniques including ura maki ("inside out roll"), saiku/kazari ("decorative") sushi, and temaki ("hand roll") are learned in this class. These beautiful little works of art may be served as the perfect hors d’hoeuvres, or as a full meal. With a little knowledge about wholesome foods and healthy ingredient choices, you will be able to make sushi that is truly healthy and full of protein even when it’s vegetarian. *No raw fish used in this class*

For this class, participants are required to provide a storage container for their sushi (approximately 8x8 inches is a suitable size).

Coconut Milk in Savoury Dishes, Desserts & More

Participants will learn to make (and will sample) a lovely Coconut Milk Soup and will also learn how it may be adapted from season to season (also serving as the convenient, 'clean out your fridge' variety). It is a colourful and creamy, meal-in-itself recipe using powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and digestion-supportive ingredients; also gluten-free, incredibly tasty, and satisfying! Learn about substituting nutritious and delicious coconut milk in regular cooking, dessert dishes, and more.

All supplies provided for this class.

Sprouted Baking

Learn how to improve the nutritional content and digestibility of grains, nuts, seeds, & legumes by soaking and sprouting them prior to using them in baking, as well as other uses. Participants will learn several easy and adaptable recipes as well as have the opportunity to sample the end products at this class. All creations will be free of gluten, dairy, yeast, and refined carbohydrates.

All supplies provided for this class.

Cooking Class Fee Guide

Single: $95/hr


2-5 participants: $85 each

6-9 participants: $75 each

10+ participants: $65 each

Group rates are based on a class duration of approximately 2-3 hours (will vary based on group size) as well as the average ingredient cost for the above-listed classes. Custom classes will be subject to custom prices.

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