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We carry a broad range of natural, holistic wellness & sustainable living products, including:


Health Foods, Supplements & Local Farm Goods:

Honey & Bee Products (Polinsky Honey, Theodore, SK)

Free-Range Eggs, Organic Microgreens, Fermenting Kits (Wind Rose Holding, Lumsden, SK)

Real Vanilla Extract & Natural Culinary Products/Preserves (Brandy Moser, Lumsden, SK)

Pick-Up Point for Hamann Family Farm Eggs & Atcheson Farm Pastured Pork (Craven, SK)


Natural Remedy Apothecary & Toxin-Free Body/Home Products:

Essential Oil Roll-On Blends by Plant Therapy

Tinctures by Wild Return Botanicals

Extracts, Tinctures, Elixirs & Oxymels by Sarah Atcheson, RHN

Apitherapy Products & Beeswax Candles from Polinsky Honey, Theodore, SK

'Lard Ass' Soap, Lip Balm & Candles from Atcheson Farms, Craven, SK

Herbal Bath Tea, Salts & Body Balm (Brandy Moser, Lumsden, SK)


Living Soil Amendments,

Indoor/Outdoor Gardening Equipment & Supplies

for 'Beyond Organic' growing of everything from tomatoes to cannabis!

EM1 & Other Soil-Enhancing Microbes

Natural Pest Control

Fish Aminos & Other Natural Fertilizers

Composting Supplies (incl. Red Wriggler Vermicomposting Worms & Bokashi)


Local Art & Jewellery: 

Crooked Anchor Transcendental Artistry, Lumsden SK

Lisa Adele, Regina, SK

Fern & Sparrow, Regina, SK

Restoring Resilience, Saskatoon, SK


Energy Clearing & Metaphysical Supplies:

Ethically & Sustainably Sourced Smudging Supplies

Crystals & Gemstones, Divine Vibrations, Regina, SK


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